Knocknagree Community Group

Knocknagree Community Development Group CLG ( KCDG) wants to make Knocknagree the best place in Ireland to live for all its people and we want the wider community to benefit as well. We intend to do this by providing developments and services in the village core that will encourage families to remain , return or move and settle in Knocknagree.

We want to bring Knocknagree back to its previous glory where business, music and dance flourished. The group is based in county Cork, in the heart of Sliabh Luachra. 🎵

We need your support to keep Knocknagree alive and to sustain our wonderful village for future generations.

Knocknagree is what we make it – help us to help you!

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Knocknagree Development Group Revitalisation Plan

Knocknagree Community Hub Project

Revitalising Knocknagree Village is our exciting development plan.

In 2021 we launched the Knocknagree Village Development Feasibility Study in conjunction with IRD Duhallow and Cork County Council.

At the core of the vision is the construction of a new Community Hub to replace our Community Hall . We have purchased the site and have secured planning permission. The new Hub is designed to bring vitality into the village core.

Community Hub Potential Layout

Community Hub Potential Layout

The Community Hub project will be the first step in providing cradle to grave services for the people of the community. It will include:

  1. A Digital Hub and Enterprise Space incorporating short- and long-term lease of office and meeting areas over the cafe. This will promote working from the locality rather than long commutes
  2. The Café will complement the enterprise space giving people working in the hub the opportunity to have a break during the working day giving them the opportunity to meet others and network. The cafe will also be used by friends, family, community and groups to meet up
  3. The multipurpose rooms will incorporate travelling clinics, medical, physiotherapy, aromatherapy etc. They can also be used to support our culture of arts, music and sport.
  4. There will be a village Playground for young families to meet other young families and to create the platform where friendships can be formed and nurtured
  5. There will be a Sensory Garden in our beautiful Fair Green for everyone in the community to enjoy.

Our Passionate Fundraising Group

Knocknagree Fundraising Group